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10 Tech Gadgets to Make Your New Year Celebrations Surprising

You can have a hard time finding just the right gift for everyone you love on the New Year. Although some people are easy to shop for, those in your family or social circles. They may not be as forthcoming about their wants. The first step would be to find out what would make them happy. Most importantly, who has the time for that? This is a rhetorical question. The shipping deadline is approaching, and delivery dates are slipping further and further into January. However, no one has time for that. 

Here is the definitive list of gift ideas we put together after huddling for weeks. The latest tech gadgets are always great gifts, even for those impossible to shop for from new year deals. In other words, You'll always find something that suits their interests to gift them with a new year deal. No matter what they are. Everyone gets a smile when they get an iPad, new high-quality earbuds, a new backpack, or some new accessories.

You can use this guide to buy the perfect tech gift for your dad, brother, friend, and more. Whether you want to go big and splurge or you want to spend less, for instance, under $50. We have gathered a list of ten gadgets that can surprise anyone.


HAVIT KB255GCM Wireless 60% Mechanical Keyboard 


Blackview AirBuds 1 Earpiece True Wireless Bluetooth TWS 

HAVIT MS733 RGB Programmable Gaming Mouse 


Huawei Band 6

Orico 11 in 1 USB-C Hub Adapter with 4 * USB 3.0 Ports/60W Type-C PD Port/4K HD Video

POCO X3 Pro Global

Blackview Tab 8E Wifi Only Tablet PC 3+32GB (Gray, Gold)



Redmagic 6R

GIFT FROM $15-$100

HAVIT KB255GCM Wireless 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Press the ON/OFF button (on the back of the keyboard) to switch between Bluetooth 5.0 and a wired Type-C connection. You can switch it via the mechanical keyboard. With FN + Q/W/E, you can switch between 3 different devices at once (all keys anti-ghosting on the wired side and six keys on the wireless side). With 61 keys and red switches, this keyboard is compact and responsive. In 60% compact design, this laptop keyboard offers more space for your mouse and desktop. You can easily connect it to your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Android device. This product is available for $40.99. You can get a discount by using the HAVIT coupon code.

Blackview AirBuds 1 Earpiece True Wireless Bluetooth TWS Headsets

You can connect right and left earbuds independently to the device. And they can use it separately. But, When paired for the first time, they will automatically connect to the device. Whether using AirBuds 1 or a Bluetooth 4.0 headset, they will connect automatically in seconds. An 8mm speaker on the AirBuds 1 with DSP noise cancellation technology, so they deliver crystal-clear sound. And the headphones are expected to last six hours on a single charge. You can perform tasks like playing and pausing music or answering/ending calls by tapping the earbuds. But the headphones won't fall out. You can play sports, run, or travel with uninterrupted sound. It is available online for $39.99. However, you can get a new year discount with black views promo code.


The Xiaomi Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand features dual coils in black with a gold accent. Therefore, you can charge your phone both horizontally and vertically. With Xiaomi Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand, you can efficiently disperse the heat with curved air ducts. With Xiaomi Mi 100W Wireless Charging, you can charge your phone at speeds up to 100W. This Wireless Charging Stand can charge Xiaomi Mix 4 in 28 minutes. You must purchase this stand as most smartphones support wireless charging these days. It is available on for $74.99. But you can avail discount it by using the gigabit new year deals discount code.

HAVIT MS733 RGB Programmable Gaming Mouse

You can choose from 7 RGB color modes, Breathing, Colorful Streaming, Rainbow, Floe light, Waltz, 4-Seasons, and LED off. And you can switch modes using one button. You can adjust the moment speed of the mouse with the six DPI levels of this gaming mouse. Use the DPI button to adjust the moment speed of the mouse according to the gaming scenario. Because it ranges from 800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 for different levels. Those levels have their color, including 800 DPI (green), 1600 DPI (purple), 2400 DPI (blue), 3200 DPI (red), 4000 (cyan), and 4800 (yellow).

50% OFF havit Coupon Code

Utilize programming driver to adjust button functions and DPI colors. ABS material can reduce hand sweat and extend gaming time. However, skin-friendly quality is worth it. It is available on HAVIT for $16.99. Get a discount by using the new year's HAVIT promo code.

GIFT FROM $100-$299

Huawei Band 6

It has a rectangular AMOLED display measuring 1.53 inches long by 188 pixels wide with 326 pixels per inch. And Bluetooth 5.2 is useful for connecting Huawei Band 6. However, the maximum connection distance is 150 meters, powered by Kirin A1 Chipset. The Huawei Band 6 contains a 120mAh battery that supports Type-C fast charging. A single charge can provide:

  • Up to four hours of talk time.
  • A full day of talk time.
  • Up to 14 days of talk time.

The Huawei Band 6 features the AI-powered TruSeenTM 3.5 heart rate monitoring technology. That uses an optical lens and AI processing to measure your heart rate 24 hours a day. It is equipped with TruSleepTM 2.0, which detects when you're awake. Or not you are entering one of four sleep modes – deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement, and napping.


A SpO2 detection system is built into the Huawei Band 6 to monitor your blood oxygen saturation. The integrated breathing guide in TruRelaxTM stress monitoring will guide you back to a relaxed state. If your stress levels get too high. This band keeps a calendar of your menstrual cycle that's easy to navigate. Meanwhile, it will remind you about your periods. The Huawei Band 6 can track your heart rate, calories, and more and supports up to 96 different exercise modes.

With this band, you can swim, take a shower, and wash your hands all day long. You can get it from the giztop store for $149. But, you can get a discount of up to 3% through the new year coupon for

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Orico 11 in 1 USB-C Hub Adapter with 4 * USB 3.0 Ports

Includes an aluminum alloy docking station with a type-C expansion port. Experience the best with more comfort and convenience with the 32° design. The TF+SD card slot allows for synchronous read and writes operations. Supports audio-visual HDMI and earphones and microphones for HD 2K and 4K output simultaneously. It also features a microphone and earphone port for better convenience. Less lag and delay with gigabit wire access because it will improve your viewing experience during gaming. Power supply: Type-C 6OW PD, USB-C charging cable. Infinite power and infinite joy expand simultaneously. A 50cm C-to-C data cable is included, so you do not have to connect any other cables to the switch. It is available for $104 online. You can get a discount on it by using the TEKNIstore coupon code.


In addition to its powerful graphics processing abilities and advanced Al computing features. The Poco X3 Pro is powered by Snapdragon 860 Octa-Core. An Octa-core chip and 7nm process help the device clock at 2.96GHz. Poco X3 NFC provides outstanding performance with its Adreno 640 GPU and 8GB RAM. So you can open applications, navigate through menus, and run home screens. With a battery capacity of 5160mAh, the Poco X3 Pro is compatible with 33W fast charging. A GAME CONSOLE WITH HIGH-PRECISION VIBRATIONS. You can now play at full speed with 3D heat dissipation. The fingerprint sensor and power button are mounted on the side of the device, allowing for fast and accurate recognition. It is available on giztop for $279. Get a discount on it by using the giztop new year deal.

Blackview Tab 8E Wifi Only Tablet

High-definition video with ultra-clear picture quality provides an incredible visual experience. A powerful octa-core processor, coupled with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, delivers excellent performance. When the screen illuminates, it instantly detects your face and performs high-precision intelligent matching with a wink of an eye. The 13MP rear camera makes capturing photos and videos easy, no matter how you do it on your Tab 8E's large, immersive screen. Attach the keyboard to your Tab 8E to instantly turn it into a PC-like device, so you can type emails, edit presentations, and work on your projects without making frequent typing errors. You can get it from the Blackview webstore for $149.99. And get the new year deal discount by using the Blackview promo code.

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Blackview Tab 8E Wifi Only

GIFT FROM $300-$599

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro ECG has the Kirin A1 chipset, dual-chip design, and smart power-saving technology. So that you can rely on it day and night. Among the 100-plus workout modes on the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, 17 are professional, and 85 are custom. In addition to skiing and cross-country skiing, golf driving range and snowboarding mode are new workout modes. In addition to keeping track of your workouts, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro also monitors your heart rate with TruSeenTM 4.0+. which provides smart notifications when your heart rate exceeds normal limits. With a 455mAh battery, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro can last for 14 days under normal conditions. You can get it from the giztop website for $399. Apply giztop new year coupon code to get a discount on it.

RedMagic 6R

Nubia has tried to appeal to more mainstream tastes with the Red Magic 6R. A single Mercury color option joins the Cosmos model. The screen is smaller than the 6.8-inch display on the Red Magic 6, but both have a resolution of 1080×2400. The high refresh rate makes that enough detail for most people. The Red Magic 6R can hit 144 Only. The class-leading 165Hz can beat the Red Magic 6R 144Hz can assure you that the extra 21Hz makes very little difference has tested that phone. 


The website is compatible with these high refresh rates. Few games on the Google Play Store support these high refresh rates; even for most users, the Red Magic 6R display meets all their needs. Google versions are not duplicated here, but I expect most people would prefer them. 

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A new notification shade and Settings menu are also included in Red Magic OS 4.0, though Google Discover cards remain to the left of the home screen. With the Red Magic 6R, Nubia appeals to more everyday consumers, making the camera more essential. You can buy it from the redmagic website for $599. Apply redmagic new year discount code to save money on this product

Ready to celebrate the Newyear 2022 Don't forget to gift these 10 gadgets that will surprise everyone in your circle. Read now to avail special new year deal.


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