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Getting discount is the first thought of every customer who is visiting saveecoupons.com. And we thrive our best to give the best deals and coupons available on the internet for our customers. But every place has some certain rules and regulations to follow to make more convenience in their services. Following are terms that user should follow when they are on save e-coupons’ website.

· Customers don’t have to pay anything to use any coupon code or deals from our website.

· User are required to create account if they want to submit any discount code or promotion in any brand coupon page.

· User are requested not to submit any exclusive codes/offers which are dedicated to other coupon websites

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· Providing information that isn’t authentic is strictly prohibited

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· Users are allowed to promote different promo codes or deals on different social channels or any of their source but they must add reference of saveecoupons.

· User can’t copy any content, image or exclusive coupon with the permission of save ecoupons team, as it will be considered violation of copyright act.

· User are free to provide true review about our site and services.

· User are required to add working email address for subscription of coupons

· Merchants who want to advertise with us must contact us through Contact us page.

· To know more about your rights must read our privacy policy.

· If you receive any issue regarding shipping/return policy, you must see information provided by that particular brand

· We advise to read reviews before purchasing from any website.